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    Lessons are given on quiet reliable horses that fit the riding level of the student from beginners on up.  First lesson is a manditory ground lesson to teach proper safe handling of horse and how to properly groom and tack up horse. All riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a certified riding helmet, we do have a few of these our students are more than welcome to use if they do not have their own.  All riders are required to wear proper attire during lessons such as: Long pants, proper top and riding boots... No sandals, sneakers, fashion boots, shorts, capris, tub tops/swim suit tops(no matter how hot it is) will be allowed.  Lessons average one hour but may last a bit longer until a good stopping point is reached.


Lesson Fees:

$35 per lesson on instructors horse

$30 per lesson on students horse

Want lessons on your horse without the hassle of hauling to us? No problem, Victoria can come to you. 

$45 per lesson within a 30 mile radius, contact for fees if further than 30 miles.



  We offer a variety of training services to fit your needs and your horses needs. From beginners on up and from weanlings on up.

--Halter Breaking--  $425 per 30 days or $113 per 7 days

 We take a gentle yet firm approach to teaching a horse to accept the halter, willingly give to pressure and lead. We do not only 'halter break' your horse during this process; your horse learns to accept handled and touched all over.  We have halter broke & gentled weanlings, yearlings and two year olds (many of which had no previous handling).

--Colt Starting-- $500 per 30 days

  Colts are started at their own pace. First with ground work to teach the fundamentals needed for a solid foundation that will benefit the colt greatly when started under saddle.

--Training-- $500 per 30 days

  Whether a colt needing time under saddle, an older horse that lacks a good foundation or a broke horse who has had a few months(or years) off from ridding. We can work with all of these horses and get them going for you to take home and enjoy.


 --We recommend a lesson before taking your horse home so you can learn the methods that have been used with your horse during its training. We offer two free lessons for every 30 days of training before you take your horse home.--

**Current Neg Coggins is required for any horses coming for training or lessons**






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